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Find TRINITY Authorized Resellers

Why Purchase from an Authorized Reseller?

Purchasing a TRINITY product through a Reseller should always be transacted through one of our carefully selected Authorized Resellers. TRINITY Authorized Resellers will provide accurate product information, customer support and ensure our manufacturer warranty policy covers your product. TRINITY prohibits its Authorized Resellers from selling products through unauthorized channels (online marketplaces or auction sites) without prior company approval.

Unauthorized Resellers have no relationship with TRINITY. Purchasing a product from an Unauthorized Reseller could result in receiving a used, damaged, fake, or refurbished product. Consumer purchases from Unauthorized Resellers, even of otherwise “new” products from the company, void TRINITY warranty protection and replacement part[s] guarantee. ALWAYS double-check you are buying from an Authorized Reseller.

TRINITY Authorized Resellers: