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Interactive, easy-to-follow 3D assembly guide for your TRINITY items.

We partnered with BILT® to give you interactive, easy to follow 3D assembly & installation guides for your TRINITY items.

BILT interface shown on a tablet and mobile phone

BILT® is an all-in-one app that contains all information about your items including product registration and warranties.

3-step process on how to find TRINITY products on BILT®


Open the BILT® app and type in the model number of your product in the search bar.

TRINITY model numbers usually start with: TBF, THA, TLS, TSN, & TXK and are then followed by a 4-5 digit number


Choose the selection in the search results.

arrow pointing at the search selection populated by the app


Rotate your device and follow the step-by-step assembly instructions.

arrow showing to rotate the mobile phone to view the landscape style assembly instructions

BILT® Assembly Overviews

bilt app interface showing how the instructions on a shelving rack step by step

You can also watch a quick 3D assembly overview video that will guide you through the assembly process of your items.


These videos are available on each product pages.

You can also watch these videos on our Youtube channel.

Having trouble assemblying your TRINITY product?

We can walk you through assembly process and provide more information.