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Getting Organized Helps You Feel Less Stressed, More in Control

Getting Organized Helps You Feel Less Stressed, More in Control

Posted by Rachel Crippin Clark on 24th Jan 2024

Last month we talked about how getting organized can help with money matters. This month, an even more important reason to get organized: your physical and mental health.

Your doctor probably won’t mention it at your next check-up, but getting organized has been scientifically linked to better health and feelings of wellbeing. Studies have shown de-cluttering and getting your physical space in order decreases stress levels, increases feelings of control, and boosts your mood, in addition to helping you focus more, sleep better, and enjoy better relationships.

There’s even evidence that people with organized homes tend to be more physically active. (Even the act of de-cluttering can count as low-impact exercise.)

So why don’t more people do it? Maybe you think an organized home is just something that’s nice to have. Maybe you think you don’t have the time or space. Maybe you don’t know where to start.

That’s why TRINITY is here to help you with the tools and resources you need to get the wellness benefits you deserve.

Less Mess = Less Stress

Anyone who’s ever reached under the sink for a bottle of spray cleaner and set off an avalanche of bottles…not to mention an open container of powder detergent… knows that messy spaces can be frustrating. Maybe you had to spend time searching for something and made yourself late to an appointment. Maybe you just hate walking in a certain room because it’s overflowing with stuff.

Even the smallest doses of frustration add up throughout the day. And they tend to snowball in effect the more times you experience them. (“I’m so tired of not being able to find anything!” “Why haven’t I cleaned this yet? I don’t even want to be in here!”)

To be certain, some organization projects take time and patience. But sometimes a simple organizing solution can be a quick fix. (That avalanche of bottles for instance? Sounds like a job for sliding under sink drawers.)

Calm the Space, Calm the Mind

Small children and phone notifications might get top billing for the biggest distractions out there. But so is all the clutter we see when we walk in a messy room.

Research shows that repeatedly seeing clutter can overload our brains. Basically, all the visual stimuli can cause us to lose focus and decrease memory, which can make us feel unproductive or lethargic.

While we at TRINITY will be the first to say that how your space works for you is more important than how it looks, we know that appearance matters too. Sometimes just adding some covered storage (like this kitchen island with drawers and cabinet) can help cut down on visual stimuli and calm your mind.

Space for Self-Care

Self-care means different things to different people. It could include exercise, yoga, reading, game-playing or a favorite hobby. Whatever it means to you, it’s important to have a space for self-care in your home.

Even if it’s just a corner of your family room or bedroom, take some time to think about what your self-care space should include and then make it happen. Our wide variety of “kitchen” carts are a helpful way to store the gear you might need, with the added bonus of being mobile for when you need to use your space for another purpose.

Need another reason to get organized? In honor of January being National Organization Month, you can buy select TRINITY organizing solutions for 35-40% off through January 31.