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Getting Ready for the Holidays

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Posted by Rachel Crippin Clark on 8th Nov 2023

Another Halloween has come and gone, and that means the holiday season is almost upon us. (Yes, Halloween seems to get bigger every year, but we mean THE holiday season….Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, and the like). And that means ‘tis the season for busyness and more stuff.

Before the season gets into high gear, now is actually a great time to clear out some clutter and get your systems in place. We’ve put together some ideas to help you feel less stressed and more in control this season. (Feel free to grab some leftover Halloween candy – if there is any! – for some fuel along the way.)

Out with the Old

The best way to get ready for the holidays is to clear out some clutter. No, this is not the time for a whole house overhaul. But take a minute to assess what’s piled up over the last year, or what types of items you’re likely to get a lot more of during the holidays (hello toys).

You might want to pick two or three closets, shelves or areas for a clean-out. Anything related to growing kids is low-hanging fruit here. But you might include areas like your own closet, bookshelves, or kitchen pantry.

Take some time to weed out anything outgrown, worn out, or just no longer wanted or needed. (And, of course, make sure to donate or share anything that’s in good working condition.) Besides giving you more space, this process helps you get a better sense of what you DO have or could use. For example, maybe you don’t really need to buy any more candles this year or you could use a replacement pair of boots.

Lighten The Load

After this weeding out process, you might find you still don’t have enough room for a certain type of item, or it’s not as accessible as you’d like. This is the time to look for organizing products that might help lighten your load.

Maybe some floating bookshelves could help relieve overcrowded book bins….or make favorite children’s books easier to find. Or maybe a standing closet organizer could help tame your clothes and accessories or help keep everyone’s winter gear handy in a mudroom.

Get Your Systems in Place

Holiday activities sometimes require their own systems and space. And you can give yourself an early gift by getting those systems in place now. Our favorite? A wrapping station. Having all your wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, ribbons, tags, tape and scissors stored in one place can be a real boost. “Kitchen” carts like these can help store items and provide a handy work table as well.

Next up, a baking station. A baker’s rack can provide a home throughout the season for all those cookie cutters, scoops, and presses, not to mention all the sprinkles, flour, sugar, and other fun ingredients. Or maybe your cabinet could use a sliding bakeware organizer so you don’t have to dig through uneven piles to find the cookie sheet or muffin tin you need.

(By the way, we’re sure you’ll find another use for many of these items throughout the year. Our carts, work tables and shelving racks are versatile in style and finish, and many are adjustable, whether table heights, shelving heights, or wheels vs feet levelers.)

Last but not least, who’s ever forgotten where they’ve hidden a family member’s present? Having a plan in advance can be a real time-saver come time to wrap. We won’t tell your kids, but we highly recommend unlikely containers you already have. (Hmmm….perhaps these coolers? Just make sure you’ve wrapped all those presents before your next party ?)

P.S. Another reason to get organized before the holiday season gets in full swing? Our “Black Friday” sale – which runs through Nov. 21 – with discounts of up to 40-50% off select kitchen carts, coolers, our baker’s rack, and other favorites.