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Making Laundry Less of a Chore

Making Laundry Less of a Chore

Posted by Rachel Crippin Clark on 23rd Feb 2024

Does anyone enjoy doing laundry?? Whether it’s tough stains, special cleaning requirements or that dreaded folding, there’s plenty not to like about this never-ending chore. (And oh yes, there’s that fact that it’s never-ending.) Social media is full of tips and tricks for getting your clothes clean and wrinkle-free – and keeping them in good condition. But as experts in storage and organization, we know that having good systems in place can help you save time and effort. When you’ve got good systems, space, and the right tools at your fingertips, laundry time – which might be ‘all the time’ – goes that much better.

Here are some of our top tips for lightening your load:

Save Yourself a Step

What’s the first step in most people’s laundry routines? Sorting. But what if you got to skip that step every week? Laundry organizer carts like these from TRINITY allow you to sort your clothes as you go about your life all week long. Then when one bag gets full, or it comes time for laundry day, all you do is grab the bag and dump it in the washing machine.

We offer organizer carts with two and three bags, and all can be used with leveling feet or wheels. (If your laundry room is on the same floor, you can even wheel the whole cart over.) Our newest organizer features a powder-coated frame, polyester bags, and a flip-up top to use as a folding workspace or shelf.

Organize Your Gear

No one likes to hunt for the stain stick when they’re in the middle of trying to tame the laundry beast. Or to have to pick up and move several heavy bottles just to get to a dryer sheet.

Organizing your laundry essentials and making them easy to access will not only save time, but reduce the argh factor for you. Sometimes it’s a matter of clearing out the clutter, and sometimes it’s a matter of upgrading how these items are stored.

No laundry area is created equal, but a stainless steel wall shelf or a wire cart on wheels can be a big boost if you don’t have built-in storage. People who have cabinets might benefit from pull-out baskets so all their essentials are easy to grab quickly.

Set Yourself up with System that Works for You

We at TRINITY know some people who like to fold clothes while watching TV, and those who insist on folding it straight as they pull it out of the dryer. Some people have tiny laundry rooms with barely enough room to stand in, and others have the whole expanse of an unfinished basement to spread out in.

For those reasons, we don’t think there’s any right way to tackle laundry. But there’s something to be said for setting yourself up with a system that works for you. And making sure you have all the tools you need like space to store your cleaning essentials, a surface to fold on, or an easy way to transport laundry back and forth.

P.S. Did you know we also offer utility sinks? If your laundry area doesn’t have one, a stand-alone sink can help save time and effort when rinsing, soaking or hand-washing items. All of our sinks carry UPC and cUPC certification, and our new models include a storage shelf as well.