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Tips for Maximizing Small Spaces, Part I

Tips for Maximizing Small Spaces, Part I

Posted by Rachel Crippin Clark on 12th Jun 2024

Whether you’re living in an urban apartment, a tiny home, or have a growing family, space is a hot commodity these days. And that increases when you add in the good possibility that an aging parent or adult child might be looking to join you in the family home. Even those considering a new house might be surprised to find that average U.S. home sizes are decreasing.

No matter where you are in life – or what your living situation is – we’re sharing some of our top tips to maximize whatever space you have. This post will feature the first five tips; check back in a few weeks for five more.

Use your walls

Most people think in terms of floor space. But your walls offer the single biggest opportunity to maximize your space. Mounting your tv, choosing sconces instead of table lamps, and using floating shelves all cut down on furniture that needs to sit on your floor. Even in rentals where you can’t install things on walls, think in terms of tall bookshelves, tall shelving racks, desks with hutches on top, and bunk or lofted beds.

Divide space into zones

No worries if you don’t have enough rooms to devote to each person or purpose. It’s just a matter of dividing space into areas or zones. Think kids’ toys or grandma’s crafting stuff doesn’t look good in the living room or front room? There are many freestanding room dividers that are attractive and hardly take up any floor space. You can also put to use an existing piece of furniture like a couch or buffet to visually separate a room.

Tap into furniture that multi-task

If we humans can multi-task, why shouldn’t our furniture? After all, that’s why futons were invented. Look for beds or couches with storage drawers underneath; we also love twin beds with pull-out trundles to accommodate extra guests. Pet lovers who are short on space will appreciate our pet crates and enclosures that do double-duty as attractive end tables and accent tables.

Look for hidden storage

Even in the smallest of homes, storage opportunities can often be overlooked. (Think areas under cribs, abovecabinets – if they don’t go to the ceiling, and behind doors – thanks to over-the-door hanging organizers.) You can also purchase inexpensive stands that lift your bed as much as six inches off the floor….which probably doubles the space you’ve got under there now.

Avoid products that waste space

Ok, we know this sounds obvious. But there are even some organizing products out there that may help contain clutter but aren’t as efficient as they could be due to their design. Case in point: plastic storage bins that have curved ends or a base that’s smaller than the top; why make it harder to fit items inside and waste storage space when you’re stacking them? Instead of shelf baskets with unnecessary feet increasing their storage profile but not storage capacity, opt for streamlined options like these.

Have another space-saving tip you’d like to share?