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Floating Shelves

Instructions for the following products:

  • DRAKESTONE Farmhouse Floating Shelf

So we designed this floating shelf with a couple little goals in mind

one we wanted it to be sturdy something that you can put some weight on it and not worry about it pulling off the wall

and two we wanted it to sit all the way against the wall so that you get that illusion which is why people like floating shelves; that illusion that the shelf is just kind of protruding out from behind the wall

So what we've done that is we've designed it in such a way that it's a box with a hollow back and there's a brace that mounts to the wall

so this brace is nice and sturdy it's not going anywhere you slide this box on attach it and then that box goes all the way up against the wall no gap because of hardware or anything like that

so that's how it works and as far as installation goes you're going to need a couple things

you're gonna need a small drill bit about eighth of an inch diameter

a drill

a Phillips head

and a level

the first step is going to be attaching this brace to the wall and as far as locating where this brace goes pretty simple

left to right, just give it in the general area that you want because this brace is shorter than the opening in the box so you have a couple inches wiggle room

as far as the height goes, just keep in mind that that box is going to come up another three-quarter inch because of the thickness of the wood taller than the brace

and then the most important thing is just make sure it's perfectly level. So put your level on here make sure it is exactly right once you have it right where you want it,

you're gonna take your drill this small bit only about an 8 inch size drill bit you're gonna drill right through the middle of those holes all the way into the wall actually go ahead and make a hole in the wall on both spots

now if you're going into a surface other than drywall, it's going to be a little different. Rather than trying to penetrate the surface you're just going to go through the wood and just kind of scratch that surface whether it's brick or tile just enough to where you can see where anchors are going to need to go later

Alright so now that you've got your hole marked, you're actually going to take these drywall anchors and insert them right where those holes were

just use a Phillips drill bit to screw it into the wall, it should go right in

sometimes you have to widen that hole a little bit to help it. If you're going into brick or tile or some other harder surface, you'll need a special drill bit and special anchors

but as long as you're going into the drywall set the white anchor in and then with each anchor will come a small screw like this

so once the anchor is in the wall both anchors, you'll then just line up the holes with the hole on that anchor and drill or screw this screw directly into the anchors and you're done

if you should happen to hit a stud it's actually good news but rather than using the anchor if you're gonna stud you won't be able to get this into the wall because the stud will stop it just

replace this whole anchor with a two and a half inch wood screw and just take the wood screw through this directly into that wood stud

now that you've got your brace set the hard part is done

all you have to do is take the shelf slide it onto the brace

it should be a pretty snug fit

there you go

now the last step is to take a couple screws or nails insert them from the top into that brace just to make sure it stays on there

now nails and screws

it's kind of tricky obviously if you use nails that's less hardware sticking out or visible on top but then you're gonna have a hard time getting the shelf off the wall

so I'd recommend screws just because you can go and put them in there sink them in all way see they're not poking up and then if you ever move or you need to relocate this you can just pull those screws and pull it off the wall

Keyhole Slots

Instructions for the following products:

  • DRAKESTONE Farmhouse Vanity Mirror
  • DRAKESTONE Barnwood Mirror
  • DRAKESTONE Floating Book + Display Shelf
  • DRAKESTONE Coat and Towel Rack
  • DRAKESTONE Mid-century Coat Rack
  • DRAKESTONE Stackable Floating Box Shelf
  • DRAKESTONE Towel Rack

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