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TRINITY | 3-Tier Bamboo Shoe Bench | Bronze Anthracite®

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Everything In Its Place.®

TRINITY bamboo shoe bench is practical shoe storage with a modern feel. The sleek bronze anthracite finish and natural bamboo boards make this bench perfect to display at an entryway, bedroom, closet, or mudroom. The sturdy design holds shoes and functions as a bench. Easy, no tool assembly.

bamboo material

Bamboo Wood Top & Shelves

Durable, sustainable, and renewable material capable of handling demanding tasks

Easy, No Tool Assembly

Easy, no tool assembly -- assembles in less than 15 minutes

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Products With Meaningful Environmental Benefits

TRINITY's powder-coated products require no solvents in their formulation. By eliminating the use of harmful solvents, such as formaldehyde, we're helping to protect the ozone layer and our production workers' health. Our bamboo is a sustainable and renewable material. Its rapid growth, as much as 36 inches a day, and tolerance for marginal land, make bamboo ideal for afforestation, carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation.

Purchasing with Purpose

For each TRINITY website purchase you make, we will donate funds to One Tree Planted. Purchasing this product will allow for (10) trees to be planted.

bamboo shoe bench in a living room

Multi-Purpose Shoe Storage

Not for just shoes only; hats, scarves, bags, pinecones, and berries. Whatever you bring in the house, our benches can accommodate and help you stay organized.

bamboo wood bench top
bamboo slat shelves

Solid Bamboo Wood Top Bench

The sleek bronze anthracite finish and natural bamboo boards, makes this bench perfect to display at any entryway, bedroom, closet, or mudroom.

Bamboo Slat Shelves

For boots, heels, and everything in between, the 40.4"W x 14"D slat shelves provide ample storage space to accommodate three to four pairs of shoes on each shelf.

feet leveler
bronze anthracite frame tetured metal finish

More Features

Bronze Anthracite® Finish

Textured duo-tone finish with a modern touch for your indoor spaces.

Slat Shelf Design

Provides greater shelf surface area ensuring better ease of storage for small items.

Ensure Stability

Adjusting the feet levelers allow you to ensure your shoe bench's stability on every surface.

42 inches wide by 18 inches tall by 14 inches deep shoe bench


Overall Height


Overall Width


Overall Depth


Weight Capacity

Top:  300 lb

Shelf:  50lb

Total:  400 lb


Type of wood:   Bamboo

More Dimensions

Space between shelves:  6.75"

Shelf:  40.4"W x 14"D

More Info

What's Included

(2) - Side frames

(1) - Bench top

(2) - Shelves

(4) - Feet levelers

Hardware kit

Shipping Dimensions

Box Width: 36.2"

Box Depth: 14.4"

Box Height: 3.9"

Box Weight: 30.9 lb

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Bronze Anthracite®