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Making the Most of Your Space

Making the Most of Your Space

Posted by Rachel Crippin Clark on 2nd Apr 2024

It’s not exactly easy to buy a house these days. If you’re biding your time until a bigger home – or any space that better meets your needs – is in the cards, don’t discount the power of organizing solutions to help make the most of your current space. Storage and organization items are often relatively inexpensive and offer flexible solutions you can take with you to your next home…whenever you get there.

Check out a few TRINITY solutions with maximum space-saving impact:

Pet Crates and Enclosures

Crates and litter boxes are pretty much essential for dogs and cats. But not everyone has the space to tuck these items away in a basement or extra room. That’s why we like to say our pet solutions are designed for both you and for them.

These crates and litter box enclosures are not only attractive, but double as end tables or accent tables in your living areas. Features such as removable plastic trays make them practical, but pine wood and MDF designs make them appealing. They’re available in espresso brown, dark gray, white and natural finishes.

Closet Organizers

Not enough closet space? No worries. Our closet organizers actually don’t require a closet at all. These free-standing garment racks and closet organizers are attractive and flexible to use in any room of your home. Customers tell us they’ve used these lifesavers anywhere from bedrooms and mudrooms to garages and entryways.

Choose from designs featuring bamboo and bronze anthracite® finish, as well as wire shelving with bronze and chrome-colored finishes. Many are modular or expandable, and all can be used with wheels or foot levelers.

Shoe Organizers

The same goes for our shoe organizers… Sure, you can use them in a closet. But they work equally well in bedrooms, entryways, mudrooms and garages. Besides, many add bench seating as well. Choose from no-nonsense options that make the most of vertical space and attractive pieces worthy of living right inside your front door.

Shelving Racks

When space is a premium, there may be nothing better than a good shelving rack. Why, you ask? Rather than taking up a ton of valuable floor space, it makes the most of all of your wall space…in an inexpensive and flexible way. And just because our shelving units make for inexpensive solutions doesn’t mean they scrimp on safety and durability. We work with NSF and third-party organizations to certify their quality, and we’ll give you exact weight limits for each one.

Our newest shelving product is a set of 3-tier wire shelving units designed to fit any budget. Available in black and chrome colored finishes, you can use them side-by-side or in different parts of your home.

Storage Cabinets

Last but not least, storage. Our garage organizers help contain all kinds of small or unusually-shaped items such as tools, sports equipment and seasonal decor. But again, no garage is required. These items, which range from locker-sized cabinets, mid-sized cabinets and multi-drawer units, can be used in basements, sheds or covered outdoor areas. They all include locks, making them good solutions for people in rental units with shared storage areas.