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TRINITY 5-Tier | 48x18x72 | Commercial Wire Shelving | NSF | w/ Baskets & Dividers | Black



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Everything In Its Place.®

TRINITY's 5-tier NSF wire shelving w/ basket shelves & dividers is ideal for any need. The unique basket/divider design combines the best of aesthetically-pleasing form and ultra-useful function. Shelf dividers allow users the ability to create their own custom storage configurations. With a 1,600 lb total weight capacity (on feet levelers), this freestanding rack is strong enough to hold your canned goods, canisters, cookbooks, and everything in between. Assembly requires minimal tools and uses a slip-sleeve locking system, which adjusts shelves in 1-inch increments.

NSF Certified

Certified for indoor use and dry environments

Minimal Assembly

Easy, minimal assembly -- only the wheels need to be installed

Adjustable Shelves

Shelves adjustable in 1" increments using slip sleeves


Built to withstand heavy usage, holds significant weight and meets professional standards


EcoStorage® Production

Our EcoStorage® line is a key part of our commitment to promote environmental sustainability

nsf certified mark

NSF Certified

Certified for indoor use and dry environments

Adjustable shelf

Adjustable Shelves

Shelves adjustable in 1" increments using slip sleeves

no tool assembly

No Tool Assembly

Easy, no tool assembly -- assembles in less than 15 minutes

Consumer Grade item


Made for lighter household needs, and fits in any rooms

Dimensions of the 5-tier wire shelving rack

Height on Wheels

Height on Feet Levelers



Weight Capacity

150 lb
per Shelf

100 lb
per Basket

600 lb

Weight capacity on wheels

500 lb
per Shelf

200 lb
per Basket

1,600 lb

Weight capacity on feet levelers

Products With Meaningful Environmental Benefits

TRINITY's powder-coated products require no solvents in their formulation. By eliminating the use of harmful solvents, such as formaldehyde, we're helping to protect the ozone layer and our production workers' health.

Purchasing with Purpose

For each TRINITY website purchase you make, we will donate funds to One Tree Planted. Purchasing this product will allow for (4) trees to be planted.

5-tier shelving rack with baskets and dividers in garage with items on shelves

A Shelving Rack for Every Location

Great for a variety of needs, this 5-tier shelving rack boasts a hefty 1,600-lb weight capacity that allows it to carry a multitude of items no matter its location. The shelving dividers help to provide optimal organizational options to help categorize your items.

Close up of shelving collar with trinity logo
5-tier wire shelf with baskets and dividers on wheels

Durable & Functional

Black Powder-Coated Finish

Designed with convenience in mind, the black powder-coated finish makes this shelving rack easy to clean and maintain.

Shelf with a set of slip sleeves

Adjustable Shelves for Personal Configuration

Slip Sleeves Locking System

Uses a slip-sleeve locking system that allows you to adjust the shelves of your unit in 1" increments for your personal configuration.

1" Increments

Shelf Adjustability

Close up view of the wire shelves with dividers

Shelving Dividers for Optimal Organization

Adjustable Dividers

Shelf dividers are included to create your own custom storage configuration.

set of wheels, a hex wrench, and a set of feet levelers

Mobile & Stationary Options

Includes (2) Locking and (2) Non-locking Wheels

(2) locking, and (2) non-locking wheels for easy mobility of your stored items.

Also Includes (4) Feet Levelers

Installing the feet levelers increases the total weight capacity of the entire shelving rack to 1,600 lb.

Assembly Instructions

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More Info

What's Included:
  • (2) - 48"x18" shelves

  • (3) - 48"x18"x10" basket shelves

  • (6) - Dividers

  • (4) - Top poles

  • (4) - Bottoms poles

  • (4) - 4" x 1" swivel wheels, 2 locking, 2 non-locking

  • (4) - Feet levelers included

  • (42) - Slip sleeves

  • (1) - Assembly hardware

Shipping Dimensions:
  • Shipping Width: 49.02"

  • Shipping Depth: 20.28"

  • Shipping Height: 17.52"

  • Shipping Weight: 70.06 lb

Downloadable Files:

More details on how to maintain your product

Get additional help with assembly

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More details on how to maintain your product

Get additional help with assembly

Shop for parts & accessories

NSF Certified : Shelving Rack:
Number of Shelves : Shelving Rack:
Height : Shelving Rack:
More than 72"
Width : Shelving Rack:
Depth : Shelving Rack:
Color : Shelving Rack:
Weight Capacity (per Shelf) : Shelving Rack:
Less than 600 lb
With Wheels : Shelving Rack: