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Entertain in style with an 80 quart/20 gallon/96 aluminum can capacity cooler. This sleek stainless steel cooler/ice cart has a detachable tub. Hence, you have the option of keeping the cooler mobile or detaching for easy portability to any game, party, or event. The bottle opener and cap catcher make for easy bottle opening, and the bottom shelf provides extra storage space allowing for easy refills.

stainless steel material

Stainless Steel Tub

Durable, stainless steel outer tub construction

minimal assembly required

Minimal Assembly Required

Assembles in less than 20 minutes -- simply screw the side handles, bottle opener and cap catcher onto the cooler and assemble the steel frame

recycle icon

Products With Meaningful Environmental Benefits

TRINITY’s EcoStorage® stainless products are made with 100% recyclable stainless steel, which reduces the need of future raw materials.

stainless steel cooler used outdoors in a patio filled with drinks

80 Quart Detachable Stainless Steel Cooler

This sleek stainless steel cooler/ice cart has a detachable tub so you have the option of keeping the cooler mobile, or detaching for easy portability to any game, party, or event.

outdoor stainless steel cooler
cap bottle opener
stainless steel outer shelf with abs mold form interior

Large Cooler Capacity

Large, 80 Quart Cooler Capacity

With a large 80 quart capacity, this cooler can accommodate any party or occasion.

Attached Bottle Opener & Cap Catcher

The cooler also comes with everything you need to accommodate your guests -- it includes a bottle opener and a cap catcher, keeping things accessible and your place tidy.

detachable cooler stainless steel

Easy Portability

Detachable Cooler Tub

Need a cooler to take to a party, game, or event? Our innovative design makes it easy to remove the cooler tub from the stand for easy transportation and portability.

Side Handles

Move and carry the cooler around with the side handle.

Steel Frame w/ Swivel, Locking Wheels

The wheels makes it easy to maneuver your cooler around your backyard, patio, or social event. Lock the wheels to keep the cooler in place, and eliminate movement during use.

cooler shelf with TRINITY logo mark stamped in the center
stainless steel drain plus assembly

More Features

Drainage Plug

Effortless way to drain your cooler without having to flip it over.

304 Stainless Steel

High quality 304 stainless steel construction ensures that your cooler is not only durable but will have a long life outdoors.

Stainless Steel Hardware

Hardware like the side handle, hinges, drain assembly, cap catcher and bottle opener.

Steel Frame w/ Shelf

The bottom shelf can hold your refills and the wheels provide easy mobility.

cooler dimensions 35.3 inches wide 17.7 inches deep 36.2 inches tall


Overall Height


Overall Width


Overall Depth


Cooler tub Interior Dimensions

Width (side to side):  29.25"

Depth (front to back):  13.75"

Height (top to bottom):  12"


Volume capacity:  80 Quarts / 20 Gallons / 96 Aluminum Cans

Shelf weight capacity:  50 lb

Total weight capacity:  200 lb


Cooler tub (outer):   304 Stainless Steel

More Dimensions

Shelf:  28.85"W x 13.38"D

More Info

What's Included

(1) - Tub

(1) - Lid

(1) - Shelf

(2) - Frames

(2) - Handles

(1) - Cap catcher

(1) - Bottle opener

(1) - Drain plug

(2) - Locking wheels

(2) - Non-locking wheels

Shipping Dimensions

Box Width: 34.5"

Box Depth: 19"

Box Height: 17.3"

Box Weight: 39.7 lb

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80 Quart