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TRINITY PRO® | 11-Piece | Garage Cabinet Drawer Set | Black

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Everything In Its Place.®

TRINITY PRO® 11-piece garage set is large, durable, and built to last. Designed for professionals who value quality and remarkable craftsmanship. These PRO® cabinets are industrial grade and designed with fully-welded 18-gauge / 1.2 mm steel frames for maximum strength and durability. Included are (4) base cabinets w/ drawers, (3) wall cabinets, (3) locker cabinets, and (1) 84x19 solid wood top. This set is optimal for organizing tools and equipment in a sizable garage or commercial workspace.

Configurable Layout

Move cabinets around and create your own perfect storage space in any sizable workspace

18-Gauge Steel

Thicker steel, welded frames, and reinforced panels


Minimal assembly required; Only the wall cabinets and wood top need to be mounted

84" Solid Wood Top

Able to withstand marring, heat exposure, and impact

Adjustable Shelves

Shelves adjustable in 3" increments using shelf support tabs


Meets specific industry requirements, extremely heavy-duty, has higher specification, and higher customization

Products With Meaningful Environmental Benefits

TRINITY's powder-coated products require no solvents in their formulation. By eliminating the use of harmful solvents, such as formaldehyde, we're helping to protect the ozone layer and our production workers' health. Our durable rubberwood products are made from discarded rubber trees. We have made a conscious choice to recycle these trees to give them an enduring second life and reduce landfill waste.

Purchasing with Purpose

For each TRINITY website purchase you make, we will donate funds to One Tree Planted. Purchasing this product will allow for (290) trees to be planted.

11 piece TRINITY pro garage cabinet set

TRINITY PRO® Garage Cabinets

Fully Welded = Fully Assembled

Made with welded frames and 18-gauge steel for an even more robust and more durable structure, this cabinet arrives pre-assembled. Simply unpack the cabinet, add the shelves and accessories, install the feet levelers, and start organizing.

reinforced back panel of the locker cabinet

Heavy-Duty, Welded Steel

18-Gauge Steel

These PRO® cabinets are designed with fully welded 18-gauge thick steel for maximum strength and durability.

garage base cabinet with 4 drawers
base cabinet, open, filled with car cleaning items
key lock hole of the base cabinet with drawers
details of base cabinet with drawer handles
1.5 inch thick wood top on a base cabinet
2 cabinet shelf with sets of shelf tabs

All-Purpose Work Surface

Solid Butcher Block Top

The solid 1.5" thick butcher block top is able to withstand marring, heat exposure, and impact -- Making it ideal for all your garage and workshop tasks.


Wood Top Thickness


Type of Wood

A Heavy-Duty Base for All Your Projects

Steel base cabinets you can use as standalone storage for your items or a solid base supporting your work surface in your garage, commercial, and industrial environment.

PRO® Base Cabinets

Steel base cabinet with a cabinet storage space large enough to fit your bulky supplies. The cabinet also comes with two adjustable shelves capable of handling up to 150 lb each.

PRO® Base Cabinets w/ Drawers

Steel base cabinets that come with four drawers, equipped with heavy-duty ball bearing slides capable of handling the weight of your small tools and pieces of equipment.

Drawer Storage for Your Tools

Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

Each drawer is equipped with 100 lb ball bearing slides. These drawers glide so smoothly, you won’t believe it until you try them.

Central Locking System

Allows you to lock/unlock all drawers using one key lock.
(comes with 1 pair of keys per base cabinet)

100 lb

Weight Capacity per Drawer

400 lb

Total (evenly distributed)

wall cabinet lid opening motion revealing two gas lifts
open and closing motion of the wall cabinet handle

Overhead Storage for Smaller Items

PRO® Wall Cabinets

Place these wall cabinets above your workstation, or anywhere you need accessible storage for your smaller tools and supplies.

Easy Open Lid

Wall Cabinet Gas Lifts

Each wall cabinet is equipped with a pair of gas lifts strong enough to support the weight keep the door open.

(2) - Gas lifts pre-installed

Note: Only the wall cabinets are equipped with gas lifts

2 locker cabinets, one open and filled with garage and other bulky supplies
shelf tab
cabinet shelves with set of shelf tabs

Space for Your Larger Tools and Equipment

PRO® Locker Cabinet

The cabinets provide the storage space you need to store your large tools, equipment, and other extra supplies.

Adjustable Shelves for Personal Configuration

Adjustable Shelf Tabs

All the shelves found in each cabinet are supported by stainless steel shelf support tabs that are adjustable for personal configuration.

3" Increments

Shelf Adjustability

swinging motion of the cabinet handle
padlock lockable cabinet doors

Form & Function

Lockrod System

Unique locking system with heavy-duty stainless steel rods keeps your tools and equipment safe.

180-Degree Opening Cabinet Doors

Allows for better clearance and visibility when storing and browsing your items.

Black Powder Coated Finish

Coated with our black powder-coat finish that offers a higher resistance against scratching, chipping, fading, and rusting.

Padlock Lockable Doors

Lockable doors to keep your items safe.
Note: padlocks not included

Full-Length Piano Hinges

Increase the overall connection strength between the door and the frame, giving the whole cabinet added rigidity and security.

Reinforced Door Panels

Increases the overall strength of the door for added rigidity and security for your items.


The cabinet handles are made with aluminum. The handle holders and vertical handle poles are made with stainless steel for added rigidity.

Cable Management Opening

Easy access opening located at the back bottom side of the cabinet.

Adjustable Feet levelers

Ensures cabinet stability on uneven surfaces.

overall dimensions of cabinets, scroll down for details on each piece


Overall Height


Overall Width


Overall Depth

Assembly Instructions

For this product's 3D interactive instructions download the free BILT app from the App Store or Google Play.

An iPad displays a BILT product overview page

showing how many people, how much time, and how many steps the project entails.

Users begin with the end in mind and review what tools are required and what parts are included.

The instructions proceed step by step with voice and text guidance.

BILT offers play/pause control so users can work at their own pace.

The animated 3D images show how each part fits together in the assembly or installation.

This video is merely a preview of the first few steps of the BILT instructions, meant as an interactivity demonstration only.

Within the BILT app users can interact with the 3D images on a touch screen to control the angle, perspective, and size of the animation.

For the fully interactive experience, download BILT. A woman using BILT on an iPad drags her finger across the screen, rotating the image.

Pinch to zoom:

she enlarges the image and taps on a part for details.

For 3D interactive instructions download BILT on a mobile device.

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This product features BILT 3D instructions with interactive image, voice, and text guidance.


Weight Capacity

Per Base Cabinet (Total)

600 lb

Per Base Cabinet w/ Drawer (Total)

400 lb

Per Wall Cabinet (Total)

300 lb

Per Wall Cabinet (Total)

1,000 lb


Steel Thickness



Black powder-coated finish

Type of Wood


More Dimensions

Wood Top Dimensions

84" x 19"

Wood Top Thickness


Overall Product Weight

1340.3 lb

More Info

Shipping Dimensions:

Item ships via LTL Freight, and is curb-side delivery only. If other arrangements need to be made, please contact us before placing your order.

Shipment arrives on 3 pallets:

  • Shipment 1 Width: 38"

  • Shipment 1 Depth: 29"

  • Shipment 1 Height: 78.5"

  • Shipment 1 Weight: 508 lb

  • Shipment 2 Width: 38"

  • Shipment 2 Depth: 29"

  • Shipment 2 Height: 78.5"

  • Shipment 2 Weight: 507 lb

  • Shipment 3 Width: 38"

  • Shipment 3 Depth: 29"

  • Shipment 3 Height: 90.5"

  • Shipment 3 Weight: 543lb

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